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The way that my fiancé proposed to me was very well thought of. I had absolutely  no idea he was even thinking of doing it! Especially doing it in Venice, Italy; the most romantic city on earth. If I could describe the proposal in one word I would say it was perfect! Steven made me like the most special girl in the world. He surpassed all of my envisions of how my engagement would end up. It truly felt like something out of a fairytale. My dream come true!




I knew I wanted to propose in Venice, Italy. I had the ring, I knew the day, I knew what I was going to say, but I did not know where. After arriving in Venice, we walked around the city and I was secretly looking for the right place to say the words that would change our lives forever. I decided on a sunset gondola ride. I also loved St. Mark’s Square. The afternoon came, and jet lag set in. We fell asleep and I woke up after 7:00 pm. I still had to wake Haley, give her time to get dressed (which we all know would be quick; cough cough), and I had no idea what time the gondola rides ended. I woke Haley and she didn’t even want to leave the room. I finally convinced her to wake up and get dressed, as I patiently waited watching the gondolas from our balcony. We made it in time, and began our gondola ride. I knew right away that I wanted to do it then. I awaited the right moment, which I finally decided would be the large open area facing the hotel before we returned. I slowly moved the bench in front of us away with my foot, to give myself room to get down on one knee. I patiently waited. Unfortunately, the gondola rides don’t go back to the beginning, and ended unexpectedly in a back alley way. We get out and Haley immediately wanted to go back to the hotel. I convinced her to go through St. Mark’s square although she was walking quickly to get back. I nervously looked for the right place, and began to panic as I was running out of time. Then someone was selling roses, and we happened to be right in front of the Basilica de Saint Marco. After buying her the flowers, she told me how I payed too much and she kept walking. I responded by saying; Haley, can I ask you a question? She replied with “What?” I got down on one knee. She looked so beautiful, and glowing as she waited for me to speak. Time felt like it had stopped. I asked her to marry me forever, and with the biggest most gorgeous smile, she said yes. I was the luckiest guy in the world.