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The way Steven and I met is actually a funny story the way he portrays it. But my version went a little something like this;


I was working the night shift at the local gym, and I was extremely indifferent about being there. Then Steven came in and introduced himself and tried to talk to me. I wasn’t interested at all but he was a nice guy. A few weeks go by and more and more we start to talk to each other and I realize that he genuinely cared about me probably more than I thought. After saying no to hanging out with him numerous times, something in my mind told me to give him a chance. And the rest is history.



  Starting a new job, I walked in and unknowingly introduced myself to the woman who one day would become my wife. I professionally introduced myself and Haley could care less. I tried talking to her about work, and all she wanted was for me to leave her alone. As we began to work together, I slowly broke down her walls, and we built a friendship. We were very successful working together, and I wanted her to go out with me. This was not easy. I pursed her for six months, and she finally agreed to go out with me so I'd leave her alone. Persistency paid off, and now she's glad I never gave up.