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Back in 2010, I met Joe at the local bar, McGregors, one night while I was out with my sister and my friend Cindy Stirling. Right away I felt a strange connection to him as I was drawn to him. We exchanged numbers that night and quickly became friends. We would go to the gym together and hang out. After a while, we both gave in to our feelings for each other and began dating. As quickly as we became friends, we became best friends and completely inseparable. 

Two years after we met, Joe decided it was time to ask me to marry him. He bought a ring, asked both Terri and Chuck for their blessing, and chose just the right place. He took me to the top of Mt. Helix in San Diego and proposed with beautiful San Diego in the background. I was so shocked, I was speechless!! Obviously I said yes and I could never be happier! 

Joe and I will be married in November this year at the Cuvier Club in La Jolla not too far from our home. It is a quaint, beautiful place with the ocean just a block away. It was exactly what we were looking for when picturing our perfect wedding. We cannot wait for the big day!!

When we discussed our honeymoon, only one place came to mind, Kauai! Joe has never been to any of the Hawaiian Islands before and we have been talking about going for a long time. We are hoping to make our dream a reality! With your help and contributions we will be able to relax and start our marriage off on a perfect note! We appreciate all of your help so far and the support you have shown to both of us throughout our lives. Any further contributions will be greatly appreciated.